Best Proven health benefits of garlic and its side Effects

The Best Proven health benefits of garlic and its side effects are countless. It can consider as one of the most beneficial spices that are available on the earth.

Garlic considers nature’s antibiotic, which helps treat acne, diabetes, sore throat, heartburn, high blood pressure, and gastritis.

It is because it contains powerful antioxidants, which are known to destroy free radicals which are responsible for cancerous growth. Another proven side effect of garlic is the reduction of cholesterol levels in the body, which is very beneficial for people who suffer from high cholesterol levels.

The benefits of garlic and its side effects remain unanswered as people are continuously looking for ways to help them in their everyday lives.

However, we should try taking garlic as a part of our daily diet. If taken in proper doses, it can do wonders and can even eliminate the risk of various heart diseases.

This delicious herb has proved to be very useful in our daily life. At least in part, it has been able to change the way we live through its antibiotic, cholesterol-lowering, and blood circulation-boosting properties.

However, you must note that its health benefits take time to show up for most of us. We all need patience and discipline to give this delicious food a chance to prove its worth to us. What’s more, regular use of this tasty herb can help us lose weight if we try to shed some pounds.

Best Proven health benefits of garlic and its side Effects

Garlic is a potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory that can use to treat different diseases. There are some well-known benefits of garlic that clinical trials have recognized.

These include preventing stroke incidence, preventing blood clots, preventing breast cancer growth, and decreasing the risk of breast cancer. However, studies on the benefits of garlic conduct on women.

One of the most widely publicized studies conducted on male volunteers who have diabetes. The study showed that after consuming a high dose of garlic (over 30 cloves), there was a significant reduction in their blood glucose level.

These studies point to the potential link between the herb and prostate cancer, and analyses indicate that there may be a reduced risk of certain forms of cancer. A group of studies showed that garlic could stimulate the production of certain enzymes in liver cells.

Studies showed that the enzyme increase does not accompany by the rise in cholesterol and blood pressure. Some of these effects are similar to the results of the Penicillin treatment for chronic infections.

Human Studies

There were also some human studies done with fibrinolytic activity in rats. This type of bacteria is associated with fibrin clumping and its clotting ability, and garlic significantly increases the liver cells’ fibrinolytic activity. Furthermore, it increased platelet levels, which has been associated with a reduction in thromboembolic disease and strokes.

Animal Studies

There have also been some animal studies done that indicate that the herb can kill brain tumor cells. The studies showed that while normal cells did not kill, those abnormal cells and spread to other areas of the brain were.

It finds that the anti-clotting compounds in garlic caused the cells to reform and shrank back to normal. There is a good amount of evidence that indicates that this type of compound can fight against brain tumors.

The most recent studies on humans have shown that women who consumed a supplement containing 50mg of garlic daily reduced brain tumor cells compared to those who did not take the supplement.

Currently, there are no clinical trials conduct to support the claims make by those selling garlic supplements. There are, however, several products available online and in stores that contain a variety of different herbs. If you plan to take a garlic supplement, remember to purchase products made from all-natural ingredients.

Garlic can be toxic if taken in large doses. Therefore, always remember to consult a healthcare professional before taking any garlic product.

The proven health benefit of garlic is the prevention of common colds and flu. Garlic is thought to have strong antibacterial properties, and it believes that it can prevent the entry of harmful bacteria into the body.

Many studies have conduct both in the US and China to test garlic’s effectiveness in preventing common colds and flu. In China, it finds a reduction in the common cold virus infections, which was similar to the results obtain by those who took Placebo in a placebo test.

Although there is a difference in the magnitude of the effect between Placebo and Garlic, Placebo prove to be more effective in reducing the infection rate than garlic. More studies are in the pipeline.

Benefits of Garlic

  • Wards Off Cough and Cold
  • Good for Cardiac Health
  • Improves Brain Functioning
  • Improves Digestion
  • Balances Blood Sugar
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Improves Skin Health

Side Effect of Garlic

  • Unpleasant breath or body odor
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea, vomiting, gas or

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if you eat garlic everyday?

Onions, tomatoes, corn, carrots, and many other vegetables that we love to eat can have all of their benefits if you regularly add them to your diet. But not every day! Some other foods will lose all of their best if you take them in large doses daily. If you want to know what happens if you eat garlic every day, continue reading and learn about the foods that will lose all of their beautiful properties if you overeat them.

How much garlic should you eat a day?

We will answer your burning question with tips and information about how much you should eat a day and all the benefits of consuming more garlic (that’s why we call it the Garlic Diet! ).

What is the healthiest way to eat garlic?

If you were to ask me, I would say that eating fresh garlic is the healthiest way to eat food. As far as the health benefits of garlic, there are more than one.


Best Proven health benefits of garlic and its side effects. Garlic has several potent natural anti-inflammatories, antimicrobial, and blood circulation-boosting qualities. It also contains sulfur which can destroy bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Most importantly, it considers a powerful antioxidant, able to remove free radicals and their byproducts. Free radicals are one of the leading causes of heart disease and cancers.

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